Kyokushin Karate


KyokushinKarate was found by Masutatsu Oyama (1923~1994),
originated what is known today as "Full Contact Karate".

Traditional Karate is non-contact and while at it is peak of recognition, Oyama claimed
that the true way of Budo Karate was in the actual physical contact.

Renounced by the Japanese karate community, he traveled overseas to challenge his
skills and brought life to his ideals.

When he returned from his long journey and endeavors, he named his karate
"Kyokushin", which means the "Ultimate Truth". In 1964, he founded the
International Karate Organization Kyokushin-kaikan as the entity to collectively
represent his karate as a worldwide organization.

The spirit of Kyokushin is based in rigorous and lifelong training…its motto is "head high, eyes low, ears open, mouth shut". Kyokushin Karate provides a foundation for improving physical and mental discipline and is intended to function as a contribution to society.